Healing Hearts Forgives and Releases™

Forgiveness allows one to free the soul first, and later work with others in this blueprinting process. It works to release cell memory stored in the body from the past.

This simple technique is called Healing Hearts Forgives and Releases™. I would like to explain the process and show you how to do it. You see, I had a lot of anger, hurt and resentment, which I had to clear away, or I believe I would have died. My physical, emotional and mental bodies could not have remained intact with all the negative energies that had happened during my life at the time.

Now, if you'll get several pieces of paper (I use yellow legal pads), I will start showing you the process beginning with a cleansing that is fifty times more powerful than thoughts or spoken words, because it is written.

Your first list will be titled "Master List," and will be numbered one to ten.

You will quickly write, without giving much thought, anyone's name that comes to mind that you need to forgive. Do not analyze, do not block, or do not deny anyone's name that comes up. Just write them on your list as quickly as you can. If you didn't add your parents, you are not being truthful to yourself, and most likely your spouse and children will be added, too.

After you have completed your list of ten people, you have a Master List to start with and on the next sheet of paper you will begin:

    Your first list will be titled "Master List," and will be numbered one to ten.

    Master List

  • 1.100%
  • 2.100%
  • 3.100%
  • 4.100%
  • 5.100%
  • 6.100%
  • 7.100%
  • 8.100%
  • 9.100%
  • 10.100%

— Love and blessings,
Rev. Sally Perry

  • I’m filled with incredible love and bliss today. Spent much time sitting around the fire in the backyard working on my Healing Hearts Forgives and Releases, when all of a sudden it hits me: In order to be fully in 5th dimension, one must be free from un-forgiveness, ingratitude, hate, etc. Of course, all of these stem from the ego. These burdens cannot exist in 5th dimension, but only serve to keep you in 3rd dimension. For me, this awareness ignited an even stronger desire to live in right relationships with all people.
    Jim Houck
    Methodist minister and professor at Neumann University, Pastoral & Theological Department