Healing Instructions

Give thanks for 21 days for your healing. Your gratitude will go into your subconscious and then the subconscious will do it for you. Being grateful opens you up to receive more energy and light.

Please remove metal jewelry, watches and belts. You may record and/or make notes. Please be aware that energy moves swiftly and it is sometimes hard to write.

You may feel heat, cold, vibrations or feel like laughing, crying or screaming, and all are okay; you may have moments of silence.

During your session, you may be ask to breathe, imagining a spiral like a tornado coming into various parts of your body… So Breathe or Hold Breath as directed holding breath and seeing heaviness, pain, sadness, anger shattering and transmuting into a sacred fire… THEN RELEASE WITH AUDIBLE SOUND OUT OF YOUR MOUTH… DO NOT AVOID, BLOCK OR DENY ANYTHING YOU FEEL OR SEE.

Be aware of thoughts, which create emotions and work to change those that need changing. This can be done through positive affirmations. Never use "I Am" which is the higher self except with a positive expression. EX. I Am is never, sick, angry, upset or hurt. You may SEEM to have those experiences through the little i or ego mind.

DO Not bathe for 24 hours after the healing.

Healing continues for 90 days. You will know its continuing for you when you feel you are back working with me, or hearing my voice, or re-experience some part of our work again, and perhaps even feeling my hands connect with you. Also you could dream me, for I work in dreamtime a lot.